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LINE Rangers app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 9728 ratings )
Games Adventure Action
Developer: LINE Corporation
Current version: 5.2.0, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 27 Feb 2014
App size: 99.19 Mb

"Have fun with cute LINE characters!
A great combination of RPG and defense! LINE Rangers!"

Alien troops kidnapped Sally! Go rescue her!
To rescue LINEs cutiepie, Sally, her friends in LINE Town transformed into Rangers!
With the Rangers, defeat the alien troops and save Sally and Yellow Planet! You will, right?

[Cute LINE characters full of charm]
You can meet many different LINE friends including original characters like Brown, Cony, Moon, and James!
Create your own team of Rangers with over 400 cute characters!

[Ranger upgrade system]
Join a battle with your Rangers or combine them to level them up!
Gather evolution materials in special stages to increase your Rangers grades!
Level up your Rangers and help them evolve! They will become more powerful than ever!

[Powerful gear system]
Equip your Rangers with gear to improve their stats!
Get weapons, armor, and accessories with a variety of stats and equip your Rangers with them!
Enhance and reinforce your gear to make it more powerful.

[Different types of battle]
Enjoy many different types of battle in LINE Rangers!
- Normal stage, where you can go rescue Sally
- Special stage, where you can acquire evolution materials
- One-on-one battle PVP, offered per season
- Endless mode, with a never-ending stream of enemies
- Guild raid, to be enjoyed with other guild members

[Fun co-op play]
If the battle is too hard, summon a friend to get help!
You can get more help from other guild members if you join a guild! Enjoy guild activities with friends!
You can enjoy guild raids with other guild members and also enjoy various guild benefits!

Pros and cons of LINE Rangers app for iPhone and iPad

LINE Rangers app good for

Vert good game, hope alter wont force to charge thé game. Continue frèe gem events!!!!!!
Classic monster rush game with Line characters. Fun if you have Line friends.
I was trying to find some game fot i play on my trip, and i found it, im so addicted! Xd
If only more great game like this were made more often amazing games I love it.The best game I ever played in my live
i got up to a lvl70 5 star cat guy but im scared if i log into line i would lose all my progress this is 1 starred because i dont know how to log into line it is saying my hotmail/email is incorrect so i guess i cant play wth any friends
Its really easy to pick up. The characters are cute. I like the grind for xp function as it makes it a lot less tedious than comparable games. There are some functions that are a bit of a money grab but that is the price you pay for a free game without ads. These functions arent necessary but I can see the allure.

Some bad moments

My ranger become really weak, cant passed the previous stage that was easy to pass.
Before the update, I could pass almost all the levels in the special stage (the normal stage offers low-quality awards/points so most people play the special stage to upgrade faster). After the update, I could pass only 1/6 of the levels that i previously could pass. Also, the chance of drawing out any upgrade materials that you want is SUPER LOW. I bet a lot of players would quit this game soon.
I will not give 5 stars until feather policy got changed back.
I have been playing Line Ranger for quite a while as a guest as I cant login by line account in mainland China. I just upgraded this game(downloaded resource packages) and then I couldnt login any more. I got an error on the login page and it wont let me login as guests.( it asked me to remove inner data to continue). My assumption is that I failed to download the new resource packages but I couldnt re-download it again.
This is one of those apps that waste ur time & money. Ill give it 4 stars if they werent greedy
I have to admit, it did look very cute and appealing. But as I played, I realized there were an exponential amount of bugs and glitches that handicapped my playing experience. For instance, there are treasures you need to collect that appear randomly. However, I have played for many, many hours. After spending over 200 stamina points known as feathers and levelling up over 60 times, I still havent obtained a single treasure. Not only that, in their special stages option, I was in the middle of playing when I got an interruption on my phone. In turn, the game restarted, erasing any data I had gained, including erasing my special stage stamina, therefore erasing a character I would have acquired. These are only two problems I mentioned. There are many more including the immense lag, and the colossal amount of battery it drains... Im not writing this to criticize the game, which itself isnt bad, but to show the true colours. Thank you for reading.

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